Friday, October 8, 2010

YOKUDO loves Mutabor

Sometimes you are lucky. I was when my first company, CoreMedia, looked for a corporate design and one of my colleagues stumbled upon Heinrich Paravicini of Mutabor and invited them to pitch their ideas. What they presented was simply from another galaxy, far above all the rest that we saw. Heinrich was transpiring more energy than a supernova. He had recently co-founded Mutabor with Johannes Plass, and CoreMedia seemed big enough to be an attractive client.

Mutabor excelled in so many ways. At one point in time they took the challenge to design our booth for the yearly CeBIT trade show. It was the first time they had designed a booth, and what a booth they designed. Even 9 years later, we were still using basically the same booth and were complimented for the fresh design.

One of Mutabor secrets seems to be that they search for the core idea of something, and when they have found it, they turn it into the DNA of the design. There is always something to discover when you see their designs.

10 years later, that initial energy I recognized has put Mutabor in a different league. They have won countless awards and are chased by big, global brands like Audi, Adidas and Deutsche Telekom to reactivate and rejuvenate their identity.

Lucky for me, when Heinrich heard about our idea for YOKUDO, he was up for the challenge of creating a corporate design that captures our vision, and, once again, he’s completely blown me away. Here is a little preview of what he has envisioned for our logo, to capture the self-expression that will be core to our platform:
Danke Hein! Kudos for your amazing creativity and many thanks for your great friendship. I really hope that Depeche Mode will sign up soon : )

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